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 Feature Player in the Month of April

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PostSubject: Feature Player in the Month of April   Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:55 am

Name: Louise
Age: ahmm a Million years Old kasi diNosaur po aco {according to my students}
Gender: kailangan pa bang ImeMorize yan??
Character Names: aaLexieee
Guild: Tamul Ext., Tamul™, ARMADA {D halata na LOYAL aco}
Server: Tiger

Working/studying? ahmm working na po {nagpapasaway sa mga bata!}
What field/course? Communication Arts po ang Natapos co sa AWA ng DIYOS Laughing

For Play:
Any special reason behind your character name's?
aaLexiee: Ahmm ala lang d kasi pede ung Lexie which is the IGN that I always use everywhere... so medyo nagmodify aco..

For Play: How did you find out about PW?
ahmm gawa ng kawalan ng magawa nun sa PC.. nasa shop aco nun eh sawa na
sa text twist kaya aun naghanap ng ibang malalaro..

For Play: When/how did you start playing PW? With friends? Alone? In cafes? At home?
aaLexiee: ahm read the previous answer, kakatamad magtype eh.. pede den copy paste mo na lang ahahaha lol!

For Play: What do you like most about playing PW? What makes PW special compared to other online games?
aaLexiee: Nothing to compare to.. kasi ito lang naman kc nilalaro co eh..

For Play: What are your pet peeves about playing PW?
aaLexiee: ahmm the language.. it perfectly annoys me how people could swear as if they have nothing better to say.. ganun lang..

For Play: How many high level characters do you have now? Do you have just one or several?
aaLexiee: One lang.. masipag aco eh hahahaha

For Play: What is your favorite character? Why did you choose that character?
aaLexiee: ung char co nga lang eh.. KULET naman nito Jermel!! geek

For Play: How would you describe your in-game persona's?
Salbahe ung in game persona co... ahahah antipatika kasi un... saka
kapag inaabot ng topak.. isa ang masasabi co WATCH OUT na lang po..
saka hanap kang dictionary!! lol! lol! study

For Play: What in game or GM events do you like the most? Have you won any?
aaLexiee: wish co lang nanalo aco kahit isa hahahaha

For Play: Dream weapon/armor/items? Why?
aaLexiee: Wala na acong dream weapon, ganda ng gamet co eh lol! lol! salamat po sa mabait at cute na nagbigay... cheers

For Play: What’s your most memorable experience playing PW?
aaLexiee: HOF co first time full support aco... ten times aco dumapa! naubos exp co dun ah

For Play: What do you do when you're not playing PW?
aaLexiee: turo sa kids, listen to music, read books..

For Play: Who is your favorite GM?
aaLexiee: Dont know them and I dont care.. puro cla WENKS

For Play: What would you suggest to make the game better?
aaLexiee: Better service.. saka sana user oriented cla at di profit oriented.

For Play: What advice would you suggest to those who are thinking of retiring or those who are getting burned out?
aaLexiee: ahmm ganito un... think of the people that you meet in game. aco dun pa lang solve na asar co..

For Play: Anything else you would like to say to the PWtizens out there?
aaLexiee: ah ganito na lang po..

World is a world that we aim to achieve.. but it doesnt mean we can act
like an ass to other people just because its just a game. {me tamaan
man peace out}
lol! lol!

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PostSubject: Re: Feature Player in the Month of April   Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:34 am

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! bat naman andito yan pic na yan!!! drunken drunken
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Feature Player in the Month of April
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